5 Days of Syawal at Sabah :')

1 Syawal / 30 August
my dearest sisters! :')

2 Syawal / 31st August
Kak Tasha's wedding 

3 Syawal / 1st September
with my cousin, epy. at my cousin's house vivie.

4 Syawal / 2nd September
me and Kak Ita want to go to abang kiko's openhouse.
Kak Tasha (she was covered her fingers with tissue
because of inai) and Kak Finie stayed at home
5 Syawal / 3rd September
Kak Tasha's Reception Day

This is one of my most unforgettable Eid Fitri Celebration with my family
I miss and love you guys :') 

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