Backpack to Terengganu

By this 3rd October, I'm gonna finish my last Chemistry paper final
exam and get a very loooong holiday till the early week of february.
It almost 4 months okay! I plan to work as a part timer to collect money
and buy an iPad. LOOOL tipu semua tuh. hmph!
But. yes. i want to work. for the first time :P

But before I go back to Sabah, I suddenly thought of a plan.
I want to backpacking somewhere! around west Malaysia??
nope. I don't have enough money to do that. Maybe one state only.
So I'm asking my friends and family which state is the best for me to go.
and off course with less expenses.

At first I choose Kelantan or Terengganu.
But since I already went to Terengganu last year [here], I KIV that choice.
Then looking forward for Kelantan since I have many Kelantanese
friends which I can ask them to be a tourist guide.

I don't really have close local friends from Kedah, Penang,
Langkawi to go to~

But one of my Kelantanese friend said that, Kelantan is the
best for shopping. Yayyy. shopping? I'm not a shopaholic
Plus, my friends do not really confident to be my tourist guide.
They are not that expert.. Hmmm... then I cancel Kelantan

I asked my family suggestion, They said, Melaka is a nice place too.
Yes. I forgot about Melaka. Long time ago, I really want to visit all
the historical place there. and now, I have a close friend too from Melaka!

But...... well i'm not in the mood to read historical thingy
that somehow can make me kinda boring. Especially after exam right.
I want to free my mind from thinking about anything heavy, i.e history.
Hehehehehe :P So that I cancel Melaka. Maybe someday I will visit
there too.

Then... what else? I look out again my KIV, yes. Its Terengganu.
Its a nice place to go too. Last year we don't have much time
travelling around the Terengganu because we have only half day there
before going back to KL

Since I have a close local friend from Terengganu,
plus, she is expert bout her state, so then I finally choose
to backpack around Terengganu. Yayy! Awesome!
Well, um... around Kuala Terengganu only actually
cause I only bacpack for 3 days 2 night there.. insyAllah

What's interesting there?
Em... A place call Taman Tamadun Islam
or Islam Civilization Garden is a great place to go.
Yes.. Its gonna be treasured moment to visit there to
ponder the wonder of Islam :)

google image

Next to the garden also got Crystal Mosque.
Not really caught my attention but that is a nice place to
visit too. They said it is very beautiful and unique mosque.

lekor. google image

Terengganu have a lot of food product from fish
which I really love it!! First and foremost, off course
their main traditional food, Lekor. there's also other
type of food from fish like keropok ikan (junk food from fish)....
Otak-Otak and Satar which I never seen at Sabah.
I really love to eat them!

satar. origin from Kelantan but also famous is Terengganu
(google image)


The most important place that a tourist MUST visit
when going to Terengganu is the Pasar Kedai Payang.
or Payang Market at Kuala Terengganu.
It is the cheapest place to buy souvenir in Terengganu.
Especially the Baju Kelawar, this is the cheapest
place in Malaysia selling that Baju. But the most
important skill when buying things in this market,
off couse the skill of tawar menawar (bargaining power) :P
I went here last year~ :)

There's also Dataran Syahbandar next to this Pasar Kedai Payang
that just finish built by early of this year. I don't have any idea bout that
place but my friend said it got light tree thingy just like I-City in Shah Alam
and its the best place to relax. It is facing the sea if I'm not mistaken

google image

When google-ed the Kuala Terengganu, I found out some
more interesting place call Batu Buruk Beach....Terengganu Museum...
It is the largest museum in Malaysia! wow!

google image: Batu Burok Beach

Whatever it is, I hope my plan to go there would be fullfil InsyAllah.
May Allah give me the opportunity to visit there and make up
a new sweet memory there which I will never forget it till forever.
InsyAllah! don't forget to read this [here]

P.S : apa lagi tempat best di sini?? :)


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