2 Oct: I will away from internet for a week

Assalamualaikum and hello guys..
I never realized it but now, we are already at the end of the world year!
2 months more before year 2011 ended. So many thing happened.
Gratitude I bid to Allah cause still giving me the chance to live
happily and gave me a lot of lessons about life...

Well, tomorrow I will have my last paper, Chemistry.
I hope you could pray for me. InsyAllah I hope I can
answer them all with confidence.

This evening my sis will come over to take all my hostel things...
2 luggage! Books... Clothes... Shoes... It take 3 hours to
pack up all those things! I can't follow her to go back home
but just ask her to bring all my things cause by the day after
tomorrow, I will backpack to Terengganu! :)

I don't bring my laptop so I just ask Kak Ita to bring it back
home. Mean, I will not connected to the internet for the whole
week! T.T wooooo its okay... I don't feel like wanna bring it
to terengganu. I don't need it either. Menyemak saja nanti!

I will go to Terengganu by 4th Oct - 7 Oct, and going back to
KL on 7th. By 8th Oct, my sis Kak Tasha will have her convocation
degree in medical engineering. Congratez! InsyAllah I will attend your
convo. Then, the next day on 9th Oct I willl fly back to Sabah....
My week so packed! Yeah! I want to released my tension soon after
exam. :D Pray for my journey to Terengganu and back to Sabah

See you later with a post about my trip to Terengganu! InsyAllah

See ya later :)


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