24 Oct : I got Tumbler

Its been more than 2 weeks I'm in holiday.
Lookin' for job but never get any call yet from the employer
so sad right. Erm and I totally boring in home
doing nothing but online and doin' house chores.

So, I suddenly wanna try out the tumbler.
I love to blogwalk in my friends' tumbler
and now I want to try to make one.

one word, it is awesome. So friendly use!
It is just sort of the 'Daddy' of twitter where we can reblog or
like any post just with one click unlimited.
Same like twitter, retweet and favourite!

You can make your tumbler wordy as you like
or even just pictures without any caption. You can explore
other tumbler just with one click and find a lot of stunning
photos, quote, gif and reblog it easily to your blog!

How? you can try yourself :)
Take a walk at my tumbler and follow me :)

P.S : I use the tumbler when I don't have any idea what to
write in this blog :P


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