27 Oct : pizza hut part timer

you got no idea how much I feel bored living at home for
more than 2 weeks. I'd tried mcD interview, filling form in
souvenir shop at the airport but no respond. =.="

Yesterday I went to pizza hut interview at mile 4, Sandakan
and guess what? I get the job! Alhamdulillah. At least
I wouldn't died boring in the home for three months right?

soon after the manager interviewed me, i straight to take order
at the pizza hut. Hahaha. well, i just want to observe how they serve the

As the worker came to me, then the formal, memorized line said,
"my name is blabla, I am in duty today, this is the menu for you
to take the order" then she asked me,
"di terima kaw kerja??"
me, "iyaa.."
"just call me when you finish choosing your order"
"that's all we have to say" *wink*
haha :)

Then, the other worker come to me to send the drink
and mushroom soup, asked the same question, "di terima kau kerja?"
Then we chatted a bit.

well, they are so warm and welcoming,
I didn't work yet there but they are so concern bout me
askin my name, my address, my age. so sweet right? :)

I will start training and working by this Monday :)
wish me luck!


  1. @situaBANGKA jom la keje. meh meh. kaw xkeje?

    @Finie Ramos haha matey la aku kena dera training hari isnin

  2. aku tak keje. tak tau nak keje aku. aku jenis memilih sket. hee