8 Oct: My Sister's Convocation

I would like to congrate my sis, Kak Tasha, a month after her marriage,
she attended her Convocation of Kuala Lumpur University (UniKL) at
Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) at Putrajaya.

aku macam mak cik kerani ofis =_="

congrates gift from Kak Ita

Alhamdulillah, you succeded finished your degree in medical
Engineering. InsyAllah I hope you will get a good job in future.

with her husband, Abang Roni

Last time Kak Finie also convo here [click]

P.S: done convo for Kak Ita, Kak Tasha and Kak Finie. Next, insyallah
myself. when? 2016!! whoaaah~ 5 years more!


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