8 Oct: Unexpected outing with my besties :')

my tiredness from Terengganu doesn't vanished yet then I went to my
sis convo at morning. After that we went to Masjid Jamek KL jalan-jalan 
till night and suddenly I found out Stanti and Ann Nur
also somewhere around the KL!

We  decided to meet up at the Masjid Jamek
to spend some time together since I will go back to
Sabah tomorrow (9 August) .
Owh I'm so happy that time till my tiredness
suddenly flown away~ :D

take a walk around bazar Masjid Jamek

lepak macam samseng tepi jalan

They planned to sleep over at Kak Ita's house! So sweet of them
cause willing to sacrifice some time for hanging out together.

You got no idea how tired they are cause they had been at KL
since 1 PM! Ann Nur bought a printer at Low Yat and I bet you
can't imagine how they could be able to bring a box of bulky printer
along their way to Masjid Jamek just only because want to meet me. :')
Alhamdulillah I came with Abang Adi's car so the printer
can be kept in the car booth. hahaha. xD

at kak Ita's house

That was the hat I bought from Terengganu for Stanti :)
We kinda having crazy time in my room. Chatting...
Laughing... Sharing... Till we sleep at 4 in the morning! +_+

This is our first time spending one night all the three of us
since almost 7 years we've been friend! :')
I will never forget such a treasured moment though
its only one night.

breakfast before send them home

It's feel so great having you guys around. I feel like no need
to have any other best friend cause you guys are awesome.
accept me the way I am, understand me and off course
love me so much!

InsyAllah. We will be friend as long as Allah will.

P.S: and off coz si paez too :D


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