My Most Favorite Sabahan Food :)

Assalamualaikum :)
Hello there, today I want to promote my lovely Sabah
from the food itself. Sabah has a lot of traditional food
and here I would like to list out 5 of my most favorite
Sabahan food!

5. Jeruk Bambangan (Bambangan Pickles)

widely processed as pickle

This is a side dish, eat together with rice and other foods.
come from a fruit call bambangan, this fruit taste a bit like mango
but they usually processed it become pickle rather than to be
ate like mango


This pickle are famous at Ranau, Kundasang and Keningau

4. Buras Sabah 

This is originated from Indonesia among Bugis native. This food always being
prepared during Eid Celebration, eat together with curry, rendang etc

This is not made from glutinous rice. Buras is only rice that mixed with
coconut milk (santan), wrapped in banana leaf and tied tightly with rope
before we steam it.


3. Jeruk Tuhau (Tuhau Pickle)

This is also sama as the Bambangan pickle, a side dish that is
not very famous in the Sabah. The pickle come from a plant called
Tuhau which is widely planted at Keningau and Ranau.

Tuhau Plant

It also have an unpleasant smell that make people don't really
like to eat it. Smell just like smelly insect~
At first I also cannot eat it, but after a few weeks
trying it, I finally addicted to it! :)

fresh Tuhau sold at fresh market

Fresh Tuhau also available in the fresh Market because it also
can be cooked just like other vegetable as main dish. This Tuhau
are famous among Dusun Native at west Sabah.

credit - Jeruk Tuhau

2. Nasi Kuning (Yellow Rice)

This one is very famous in Sabah. Most of the Sabahan people
really love to eat this. This dish always served at breakfast just like
Nasi Lemak which is famous at west Malaysia.

The original recipe of Nasi Kuning is only Ikan Tongkol Masak Sambal
(Fish Spicy Dish) with the yellow rice (colored with turmeric)
and wrapped in a banana leaf.

But sometiime the Nasi Kuning would be modified by adding
boiled or fried egg, slices of cucumber, sometime substitute the fish with
chicken etc..

and the number 1 goes to..........

1. Coto Makasar! :D

Well, this is not really originated from Sabah. It's come from Indonesia.
yet it hard to find it anywhere but at Sabah! The most delicious coto? you
can only find it at Sandakan :) trust me.

taken by me.

This is not the soto that we always eat with noodle. This coto we're
eat it with nasi impit. The soup is thicker than usual noodles soup,
because added with fine blended ground peanut. The soup is added
with cow meat and stomach (perut lembu) and squeezed with lemon.

credit - also eat with Buras

So these is my top 5 favourite Sabahan food so far, There are actually
various of Sabahan foods out there but this is the most delecious rated by me.
What about you guys? you should make your own list too and promote it
to the worldwide! :)

P.S : Aramaiteeei! :D

Update: Coto bukan lontong ya.. lontong kuah dia cair~

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  1. Buras Sabah tu ada sepupu di Sarawak. namanya kelupis. heh.