Facebook Status History

Do you still remember what is your first status ever?
Do you ever wonder is it possible to read ALL our statuses
from the first status till today?

I always wanted that okay!
I even forgotten my what is my first status.

this is how facebook look like when I sign up :P

It would be great to reminisce your past by looking
to your old statuses and you can see how noob is your status
in the past till you can burst to laugh. Great!

How? just click it [here]
It is totally awesome :')

P.S: my first status? "PLKN!!! I miss you!"


1 comment:

  1. one of my statuses:

    Duniya meh hai kitni nafrateh, Pir be dillo meh hai chahateh..

    but I can't recall what's the meaning.hehehe :P