The most famous Landscape wallpaper in the world.

Guess what? I bet you know this.

Yeap. this one. anyone doesn't know where this wallpaper always used?
Well. This is the default wallpaper that used by the Microsoft in Window XP.
I am really bored with this wallpaper okay.

Have you ever wonder who is actually captured this astonishing landscape?
He is Chuck O'Rear, a photographer who never expected that his photo will
become the most famous wallpaper worldwide.

*hehehe its funny to see this wallpaper being framed :P

This is actually his usual road to meet his girlfriend while ago but suddenly
one day he watched how soothing the sky how beautiful the cloud arranged
so he decided to stop his car and captured it. Eventually it used by the microsoft
and he never expect it would become so famous!

and the best part of the fact is, this ex-photographer of National Geography
don't have the chance to watch this wallpaper everyday in his computer
because he is an Apple Mac user. lol


original source here
View them in google map! [here]


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