Searching for the best Smartphone below RM500

Its already one week I've been working and today
I got a day off :) my job is not an easy and goyang kaki job
okayyy. It is super exhausting to work as a pizza hut server.
I bet it is more tiring than working at KFC nor mcD. That's what
my colleague said because she is an ex-worker of KFC.

Why am I so intense to work while actually I just can
stay home doing nothing? yeap. I am aiming for something
which needed a lot of money to afford to.

A smartphone.

I never buy my own phone solely with my own money
although I've been changing my phones 5 times till now.
Its gonna feel different possessing something with our own effort right.
Plus, I never have a smartphone.

It is never wrong to dream :)
Everyone of us must have a 'gadget wishlist' am I right?

currently, I wish I have a galaxy tab P1000.

Since I love blogwalking while I'm in bed
this is a very handy gadget sized just like a novel
and easy to handle with one hand.

galaxy tab P1000

but I don't like virtual keyboard cause it make me slower
when typing. Furthermore. a real keyboard is far more comfortable
for typing a long paragraph e.g blogging. a real keyboard is essential
for a blogger.

no worries, we can buy an external keyboard whenever we
want to do a typing task.

external keyboard
If u feel like want to read an e-book or blogwalking
comfortably in your bed, simply take off the keyboard and 
enjoy reading in one hand. It can also make calls and messaging 
just like any phone! Awesome right. I really want this.

Unlike the iPad nor galaxy tab 10.1 , they can't make voice call.
They are just like any other laptop but without keyboard. 
It is also too bulky to make it like an e-book kindle
This gadget is the best for people who like to watch movies 
or playing games. If I can afford these two, I wouldn't
buy them. Their size are similar to my netbook. =_="
bagus aku beli Macbook PRO terus . luas mata memandang :P

I do not prefer galaxy SII, iPhone or whatsoever because
we're not gonna achieve the satisfactory of blogwalking
with the small screen. Blackberry Boldnah. lagi la.
I hate blogwalking with that phone. Those phones is suitable
for people who love to tweet, FB, or enjoying other social
networking sites out there.

Galaxy SII

Okay iza. Stop dreaming and talking about those
gadgets. You will never afford all those at least within
10 years... ahahahah

Since I longing for a small tablet like that P1000, 
at first I am preferring the Huawei Ideos S7 
because the size is similar like the P1000 tab. 
You can purchase it only about RM500 from the Celcom company.
RM500 only okay!!

It can make calls just like any other phone with is front and rear camera, 
slim and have its own stand at the back. extra features that P1000 tab don't
have! and off course the biggest advantage, it is cheap!

But the biggest drawback is the battery life. 
With maximum usage of web browsing, the battery only 
last for 2 - 2.5 hour! Whey... what is the meaning of surfing 
just for that duration? The main purpose of having tablet is 
for surfing when you away from home. what is the point of 
having tablet when I just stuck with the charger to
surf a longer time. I bet to use my laptop instead. 

It is also resistive screen, need more pressure to tap unlike 
the capacitive screen of branded tablet. Hence, it's provide
a stylus. This tablet also don't support multi touch.
ala... worth la RM500 only ma... 
But I still can't accept the battery issue. :(

Eventually..... I just cancel aiming the Huawei tablet and just
focus on searching the best smartphone below RM500.

But no down slide or flip phone. I don't like those designs.

Sony Erricson Xperia X10 Mini Pro caught my eyes at 
first because it is below RM500 and using android OS. 
awesome! It is also touch screen and provided with qwerty keypad.

but actually I don't really like QWERTY keypad because it's
difficult to type with one hand efficiently.

I am searching for traditional numeric keypad for fast typing
with one hand and equipped with touch screen for a smooth
web surfing. I feel awkward to move the cursor with navigational
key like any regular smartphone when surfing. 

So I found this Nokia X3 Touch and Type
You can touch the screen, and also can type 
comfortably with one hand :)

this phone is great for music lover or addicted texter because of
the extra music and messaging keys shortcut
provided on the keypad. But there is small modification
on the keypad where the # , * and 0 keys are put
aside. It will take time to make use of it. It also have a
5mp camera but do not have dedication key for camera.

Then I found the latest touch and type phone from nokia with normal
keypad and 5mp camera with dedication key for camera.
the Nokia C3-02 . Both phones cost only RM499!

But when I watch the review on youtube,
I found out when we do web browsing with the
touch screen on this phone, it result a choppy
movement and not smooth in scrolling.
probably because it is resistive screen. I'm not sure..

There's also no big different on the menu, icons, text messaging etc.
It's pretty similar with the normal regular nokia phone. the only
different is TOUCH THE SCREEN. I think its not worth for paying
RM499 whereas I can afford an android phone. So I feel like
just want to cancel this choice.

What so special about android phone? well, I love
the threaded messaging that this Nokia phone can't make.

threaded message

We can read our conversation accordingly.

Playing games using android phone also give you
a big satisfaction with its capacitive touch
and big screen ^..^

you can also download a lot of free apps from
android market easily.

If you don't like the qwerty keypad, Android phone can custom the
keypad to the traditional numeric keypad so you can type normally
with one hand.

One reason I less like is I don't use to virtual keypad :(
yet no worries, in no time, I will get use to it too. :)

But on top of that, is there any android phone
below RM500 in the market? Yes. I found the
Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 that's only cost for RM499!
It just released on August 2011 hence it still new in the market.

Actually this phone got the same size, the same price (in Malaysia)
and almost the same specification as Samsung Galaxy mini. 
So what the difference?

Since the Galaxy Y is new in the market,
the android version is much updated compare to galaxy mini,
the processor is much faster and the size is thinner

Samsung Galaxy mini

Plus, I like the Galaxy Y design more than the Galaxy mini
which are more sleek and sophisticated. Ceeehhh minta puji~

click [here] for more comparison

Actually there are many other android full touch screen phone
below RM500 like Xperia X8, Xperia X10 mini, CSL Mi300
etc.. (you can research yourself bout these phones) but I prefer
Samsung brand cause I think it is more promising and many
people use it. So it must have a higher quality.

I admit I don't really like virtual keyboard.
Fortunately, I'm not an addicted texter whom text 24/7
but I make calls more often.

Plus, I am a games lover. Hence, this is a great
phone for having a bigger screen and
sensitive capacitive touch screen. Web browsing
is also very satisfying with larger view.

But I actually disappointed with the camera which
is only 2mp :(

Nevertheless, the camera is not really a big issue and I bet
the Galaxy Y S5360 is the best smartphone below RM500
so far and I'm going to get this one

What about you?

P.S : Tapi aku masih mau galaxy tab tu bha..
siapa mau belanjaaa? hahaha


  1. I work as a web designer and I never dream to have such gadgets two-screens-pc-desktop in my office with high speed internet connection are quite enough for me in my daily life..once I finished my stuffs at work, all i want is go home,lay down on my bed and technology until 8.30am on the next day.. XD

    1. I agree... The Samsung Galaxy Y is quite good for a under Rm500 smartphone...

    2. Good for you...No wonder web designer hav no life...haha dont hard feeling...

  2. i am a student whom got another 5 years to complete and only got a tiny laptop that the battery only last for 2 hours and a regular phone without wifi connection thus i need atleast one gadget to connect myself to the internet easier. xD

  3. Hi, may i know where did you bought your Galaxy Y ? Thanks :)

  4. hi anon. i didnt buy it but just planned to get one. if u in malaysia, Kuala Lumpur like in Lowyat must already have this smart phone. goodluck

  5. thank you ! I just got it 2 days back at RM490 ! :D i'm very happy with the phone, its very handy, simple yet supporting the latest android 2.3. I think everything inside is worth the price. :)

  6. wow! u had bought it? where did you buy it? its cheaper than I thought. awesome. :) you're most welcome.

  7. Berapa keluasan skrin nokia c3 ???x??? me

    1. nokia c3 yg macam kat atas tuh? 2.4 inci shj

  8. Woah iza. Yala kan, sama la kita ne bajet2 henpon under rm500. btol2 beli henpon dgn duit sendiri mmg puas. Even aku beli LG yang rm69 je pun terasa best sbb beli dgn duit sndiri. haha.

    I guess I'll just buy that Xperia or C3-02. I love Qwerty keyboard but the normal T9 keypad look just fine though.

    1. but akhirnya aku beli htc wildfire rm500. tiada dalam senarai. haha btw thnks for your opinion :)

    2. Htc wildfire best x?? Nk bli jgok satu ni! Review plz!

    3. Reply me k! Thanx izaramos!

    4. best la jugak. tapi lagging skit. hp murah kan.. haha. nti kalau sy ada masa free i will update this blog to rview bout htc phone . :)

  9. wahh, nice review ni, so helpful!...same la kita iza, searching for smartphone, of course less budget..;) aiming for ACE but the price so sad lahh...hoh0, GALAXY Y seems perfect for students, GALAXY MINI too small kan, GALAXY W pun best & the price lagi best, ehehe.:)

    1. tp at last beli htc wildfire. sbb dpt jumpa 500. htc wildfire normal price 600++ tp jumpa murah. alhadulillah :)

  10. Fb ; Amr Caliph Azman
    i wanna know bout ur experience using htc wildfire coz i plan to buy one for me! Add me k!

  11. is galaxy Gio better than galaxy Y ?

    1. do not have any experience about galaxy gio. maybe you can search for their comparison in many gadget websites. many sources on google u can get. goodluck :)

  12. hai, iza, balan here ..i really love your blog ..your blog simply awesome! its good enough to attract peoples out there :D ..good luck ...

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  14. i have a Sony Erricson Xperia X10 Mini Pro, they're so easy to use for typing i just love it <3