The Story Behind The English Tea House Near The Agnes Keith House in Sandakan

As an introduction and brief summary of this tea house, let's read
this. I took from their website.

This Tea house is a colonial style English concept inspired by 
the famous Agnes Keith house in Sandakan. English Tea House
and Restaurant in is a much loved restaurant for locals and a
popular tourist destination with its great food, excellent service
and beautiful views. Earlier this year, the English Tea House and 
Restaurant Kota Kinabalu were opened too. We are located next to 
Jesselton Point, by the Cock and Bull Pub. Offering more of a cosy
tea house feel, the restaurant is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

8 Dec : Agnes Keith English Tea House and Restaurant

Yesterday I got a day off from work and my sis decided to go
for tea break and photo shoot (ceh!) at the Agnes Keith Tea House
and Restaurant which are about less than 15 minute using car
from the Sandakan airport.

Well actually we don't have the chance to visit the Agnes Keith house
because we went there about 5 pm and the house closed by 5 pm too.
So sad.

Luckily, the fascinating view from the tea house, the English style brought
to the restaurant make us less frustrated though.

Agnes Newton Keith (1901-1982) was actually an american writer
who live in Sandakan Borneo during second world war.
Do you know, she is the one who created the 'Land Below the Wind'
motto for Sabah!

credit wiki

So in short, the Agnes Keith house is actually her house
when she lived at Sandakan. It has turned into kinda a museum
stuffed with lots of English antiques and some are
her personal belongings


more about her [here]

Okay let's talk about the Agnes Keith English Tea House instead.

This restaurant are facing the sea and we can see the
stunning view of sunset when we have a tea break here :)

Here, we can order various set of tea suitable for
2, 3 or more person with affordable price
with delicious hot cakes and Sabah tea!

choosing the menu

We took the set for 3 person and it's only RM18!
got cakes, tarts, tasty hot handmade whole grain
bread with jam and sweet milk cream. And off course
the Sabah Tea too :)

The bottom plate is actually the handmade whole grain bread.
So tasty we can't stop ourselves to finish it right away! :D

the whole grain bread

They aren't serving tea set only but also for dinner set with delicious
English dish because this restaurant are open till midnight

We can also buy cakes and various choice of coffee, latte,
ice blended etc...

Datul kesedapan

This place is breezy and very comforting with the Colonial
English style and friendly waiters make us feels like living on
that era! We can either choose to dine indoor or outdoor.

They also provide the facility of Croquet Traditional English Game
together with the balls, sticks and off course the field.

If you got no idea how this game play, they do
have give the rules and instructions.

If you go inside the tea house, they are selling many English antiques,
T-shirts and lot more souvenirs.

We saw many antiques things there
being exhibited like telephones, irons, telescope,
the 'old-music-player-i-forget-what-its-called'
and a lot more! so coooool!

the 'old-music-player-i-forget-what-its-called'


Just at the bottom hill of this English Tea House,
there is a place called 'Pavillion' for taking fresh air and enjoy
the view of sea and the Bandar Sandakan from the top view.

We are at the Pavillion

Those are the list of heritage sites that we must visit in Sandakan!
and now we are at the Pavillion. (no. 17)

view from the Pavillion

I spotted Genting Mas Mall! hahahaha

Here we can see the ships, the island, and the sea
clearer and nearer . Astonishing!


Okay. Its already dusk! We have to go home!



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