I'm Home Alone Now. Part 2

You know what happen when I'm alone and boring?
I want to eat something. Anything. But with lil penny in the
wallet. I can't buy anything I want to eat.
I have to save it to go to Lahad Datu tomorrow.

You got no idea how much I mengidam of the Spaghetti
Bolognese since 3 days ago. T_T pizza hut spaghetti
cost RM12. yayyy so expensive!

So, with the mengidam yang membuak-buak feeling,
I'm thinking of making my own Bolognese Spaghetti.

Yet. So pity. I got no Prego sauce, mince meat, olive oil, even the
spaghetti. NOTHING!

But I still want to make it and
I'm thinking of making my own Bolognese Sauce.
Hahaha. Sound so fake. =.=

So, with the limited ingredient I have, yes SO LIMITED
till I don't found any garlic and onion left in the kitchen
except one small onion and a clove of garlic I found deep inside
the cabinet!

T__T I can't believe they pack up all food and left me nothing
except instant noodle, chicken meat and sauce tomato.

Thanks God they leave for me black pepper, salt
and ginger...

Okay this is my recipe.

Making the iza Ramos Bolognese Sauce

1. I smashed the onion, garlic, ginger, black pepper altogether with
lesung batu.

2. I minced the chicken meat and mixed all the above ingredient together
with the mince meat in a bowl.

3. I heated the cooking oil and pour the meat chicken above into a wok.

4. Then I put the sauce tomato in the wok stir together with the mince meat
until it well mix. add some water.


Preparing the spaghetti.

1. Heyyyy I don't have any pasta except this yellow noodle use for making
mi goreng T_T fine then. I boil them to soften it.

2. filter the water and take the noodle, put in the wok together with the sauce
I made just now. Stir till it mix well.

Tadaaaaa my Home made Spagetthi is DONE!

How it taste? hmmmmm =_= It would be better if I have
sufficient garlic and onion, use tomato puree instead of
Maggie tomato sauce.. MASAM WHEYY! T_T

But not bad. kalau lapar habis jugak. :)
bila darurat, otak memang jadi kreatif.



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