My Ritual when I'm online

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Open Blogger, Facebook and Twitter tabs

3. On Blogger, approve any new comment, open Google Reader.

4. On Facebook, open Notifications and open each notifications
(except game request and group noti) in different tabs simultaneously

5. On Twitter open 'mention tab'

6. Read any mention, and reply.

7. Reply any comment on FB if necessary,

8. Read all new update of blogs in Google Reader.

9. If found any interesting photos on FB, Twitter or Blogs, open Tumblr
and post in it. Then I just x the tab.

10. Check the Malaysia Trending on Twitter to find out any hot news
most people talk about. Do some research in Google if necessary to
get deeper info

11. Scroll the Timeline on Facebook to see updates from friends
or interesting sharing, comment or re-share info if necessary
(I don't practice Birthday wish ritual. Sorry..)

12. Open my most favourite group, CFS IIUM Chatting Group, my
college group to read many interesting info, news about college, any ads
and promotion etc...

13. Open my blog and check the shoutmix widget. See if there's
any guest comment in it, i will visit them back and follow if necessary

When already done all that and started to feel boring;

14. Juggling between tabs and waiting for any new noti or mention.
Update post in blog if got any idea.


15. chat aimlessly on

Do It Everyday For Hours. Never miss even a day.

P.S : I don't really read the twitter timeline because I'd install the
Twitter Notifier from Google Web Apps Store. Any new tweet
will pop from the corner of your desktop and you can reply, retweet
or favorite it right away! Cool. you should have one :)



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