12 things about guy I like and dislike.

things make me attracted to a particular guy

1. Thick eyebrow
2. Dark black short tidy hair.
macam afiq muiz! XD

3. Taller than me
4. Got lil beard
5. Not a very shy guy but not very talkative
6. Do not merapuh so much or giving lame jokes

7. Have a good voice or can play any music instrument

8. Good in his study

9. At least can cook nasi goreng

10. Love oldies song, esp freddie mercury! :P
11. Love antique things
12. Love animal and kids

things make me less attracted to a particular man

1. Smoking
2. Wear short
3. Wear bracelets, necklace, earrings

4. SO fanatic with soccer

5. Long hair or dyed hair
6. pale flawless face

7.  love or fashioned like KPOP
so hot malay k-pop singer. 24:7

8. Got BFF
9. Hot tempered
10. So serious or staring in the eye when talking
11. Love rock kapak songs
12. So talkative or bragging and always become the center of attraction



  1. kahkahkah,bab kPop tu klakar :D

  2. smua jejaka macho malaysia <3 rock kapak...cm abg adie, noorman n (mungkin) bangroni~you'll see~

  3. @cheqwa : eh kaw minat kpop kan. sori3 . no offense :P

    @finie Ramos : iya bah si pizul seja minat oldies

  4. love kpop xjd hal sgt tp fashioned like kpop tu..mmg lucu.