23-25 December 2011 : Visited Lahad Datu and Family Day Part 1

After resigned from Pizza Hut and being
home alone for almost a week, I went to
Lahad Datu to catch my family there. They
had been in Lahad datu at my Dad work place
deep in a palm estate for a week.

DEEP in the forest

We met in Lahad Datu to catch Kak Finie
on the bus stop  from Kota Kinabalu
and straight to the Lahad Datu town.

Batu 1 already got traffic light! :)

Owh.. we really miss the Lahad Datu so much.
This is my hometown. The place I born before
we move to Sandakan when I was 16.

Lahad Datu Domestic Airport

macam dekat hollywood kan :P

that's kak finie

we went to the Pasar Malam (Night Market). Not much change.
Still dirty. So sad.

Keropok Lekor Lahad Datu

Okay. This is my most favourite Lekor ever. I don't know what about
other people, but for me, THIS IS THE MOST DELICIOUS LEKOR
in Malaysia. They use Sardine fish (Ikan Basung). Even Lekor Terengganu
can't defeat it. Ahahaha

Most Delicious Lekor ever.

Mom and the kuih muih

Ikan Bakar. most of them cost less than RM10


This is the original Indonesian Bakso.
You can see the gerai . like one in indonesia.

the Bakso? TERBAEKKK!! tasty and affordable.
and off course tastier than the one I try in the Midvalley. [here]

Masjid Daerah Lahad Datu

We perform Jama' prayer at Lahad Datu and straight back to Dad's
home at his work place.

Tomorrow on 24th December, we went to Felda Sahabat Beach Resort
because my dad's company held a family day event. Wait for the
[part 2]! see ya.

P.S : I love LD :')

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