23-25 December 2011 : Visited Lahad Datu and Family Day Part 2

before you read this, this is the part 1 [here]

The next day on 24 december, we went back to Lahad Datu
cause we have to go to Felda Residence Sahabat Beach Resort
for a Family Day of my Daddy's company.

We went to Perdana for breakfast

Main Hall Perdana Lahad Datu
Perdana Market

Already got Servay :D

Bandar Perdana Lahad Datu had developed a lot for the past few years.
well done! :)

Breakfast at kedai Mamak .

Mom and Datul 


After we took breakfast, straight headed to Sahabat Beach Resort!
we finally arrived after almost 1 hour and a half

That evening I'm sooooo tired and I just sleep till late evening!

view from the room

at night we got dinner and karaoke! YEAHH

Let's pose before go to dinner! :D

this is what happened when u become the photographer. My face is NOWHERE 

Dad became the MC

Macam sedap tapi sebenarnya... -.-




Kak Finie

The next day on 25 December is the last day we're in the Sahabat Beach.
I woke up early cause I want to watch the sunrise on the beach

Fizul is still sleeping

Way to the sea

and guess what, the fence are locked! ARGH! I lost
the opportunity to watch the sunrise on the beach :(

End up watching it at the pool


Okay lets go for breakfast!

After we had breakfast, we went for telematch in the beach.


That's fizul. His pose are so funny! 

Well, I never try this blowing the flour game
cause it is really dirty but I don't know why that day
I want to try it out. then what?

that's me head up. I cant stand it anymore! T_T

I don't want to eat flour again T___T taste so bad...

Kak Finie, Datul and me

That is Dad at the last position but he manage to get second place :)

This game call 'semakin jauh semakin sayang' (More Distance, More Love)
where the couple throw the balloon filled with water to the air and
catch by the partner. The distance grew bigger as they throw
the balloon. Mom and Dad got the second place :)

This is the last game
Pulling the Rope


ARGHHH my body are so in pain on the next day because of this game :(

But we are so enjoy this time :)

More scenery from the Beach


I spot a crab!

Thats me. I love this photo

After the telematch, we jump and swim to the sea!
I was so enjoyed at that time. Datul , Kak Finie and I
swim on the sea, lie on the beach and shared stories...

Next after that, we went for lunch, receive some hampers,
Alhamdulillah... and went straight back to Lahad Datu.

our hampers from the telematch

the sceneries along the way back to Lahad Datu

Kampung Desa Kencana  (village)

This Resort are actually located in Lahad Datu biggest Palm Estate
call Felda. Here they got Village A, B, C until H

The unique part is, all the villages got their name according to the letter

A : Anjung Teduh
B : Baiduri Ayu
C : Cenderawasih
D : Desa Kencana
E : Embara Sakti
F : Fajar Harapan
G : Gemala Pura
H : Hamparan Badai

Awesome right? :)

that is the island of Phillipine. 

I don't know what its name

I spot a mini tractor! :)

When we arrived at Lahad Datu, we ate at the most delicious
Chicken Rice I ever eat. Tastier than the Malay Chicken rice.
This is Chinese Chicken Rice at Sabah Chicken Rice.
and off course halal~

Let's eat! :D

Finish eat, we straight back to my dad's home
in the estate... and we live happily ever after...


P.S : If you want to book a room in the Resort,
here the official website [here]


  1. izaaa,pantai sangat osemmmm kaaannnn ? allah :)

  2. memang pun sangat cantik! subhanallah. untung la wana rumah dekat pantai. jelessss :P

  3. amboi. pantai je pun... belambak dekat semenanjung :P

  4. salam..

    nice entry.. =)
    sy pon asl sbh jgk..
    lahir di cenderawasih..
    membesar di hamparan badai..
    skrg menetap d ld..
    really love those places..


  5. orang felda ? bagusla. mesti banyak kenangan di sana kan :)