7 Jan : Going Back to KL

Alhamdulillah I'd succeeded went through the 2 months and 1 week
LOOOONG HOLIDAY safely without any bad things happening
in between instead, I got a lot of sweet memories created

Backpack to Kuala Terengganu, [here]
Kak Tasha's Convo [here]
Outing with my Besties [here]
Visited Agnes Keith Tea House [here]
Worked at Pizza Hut [here]
Visited Lahad Datu [here]

and many more!

Tonight, at 8.40 pm, I will fly to Kuala Lumpur
to continue my last semester on Foundation. InsyAllah
before continuing my study in Degree on September 2012.

random scenery in my college

For this last semester,
I'm taking;
Biology 2
Mathematics 2
English for Academic Purposes (AGAIN -.-)
Basic Theme in Quran

random scenery in my college

You got no idea how heavy all my chores subjects
i.e Math and Bio. Ya Allah. I hope you could ease
my burden. I hope I'm doing THE BEST this time
among all last semesters I've been through.
Aiming for the best. off course. GPA 4 flat. Amin~

random scenery in my college

So, my first ever class this year is
English , 8 am! uh oh +___+

So that's all update from me.
Pray for my success.

a peek from a window in my hostel

Credit pic : MahallahZainabFB


  1. cantek gmbr..suda bli hp baru ka??

  2. gmbr dari fb college ku bha tuh. belum beli~

  3. mykhalis visit my blog? wow. such an honour.. terima kasih sudi lwt :D n tnx for ur wish