Unexpected! Alhamdulillah. Thanks WSB :)

Woke up in the morning,
Doing my daily ritual,
open the internet: FB, Twitter and blogger.

Oh I got two new comments need to be approved.
Eh, they are commenting old post. weird.
and one of them caught my attention

the second comment said: 'Congrats for winning the BOTM' .

I was like... Seriously?! I'm actually had forgotten about that. haha
well, BOTM stands for Blog Of the Month where the WSB community
(Sabah blogger club) held a contest every month. Well this is my
first time in joining the BOTM cause my sis ask me to.

At first, I don't have any intention to update it for the contest.
but since my post that time got a link to the contest of the month,
so my sis ask me to e-mail the post to the WSB.

I straight to the official WSB website to check whether its real.
and yes is it. plus, I'm the only winner! WHOAH ! cant believe it
cause my sis once said there would be first second and third winner
but since not too many bloggers join the contest,
so they only choose me :)

Read full [here] and my lucky post [here] < Sandakan Tea House

Hey the prize are not bad. I got a vintage bag from Kak Lina
the sponsor for this contest from her online boutique I Love Vintage

this is Kak Lina and the bag. :)

Thanks for all the WSB admin, juries cause choose me as the winner.
I never expect it. Insyallah I will take part for the next BOTM :)

Other contestants that take part in the BOTM are as follow:
Visit them! :)

Mimpian Jadi Resort, Tuaran [here]

Taman Pertanian Sabah [here]

Air Terjun Mahua, Tambunan [here]

Kawasan Bersejarah di Beluran [here]

this one is very interesting. You must read if you are Sabahan!

That's all. thanks again WSB.

P.S : first time menang peraduan~


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