24 March: Educational Visit to Islamic Art Museum

Its been quite a long time I didn't update anything
though so many things happened recently.

Done with our third program (Mural Project), then
we proceed to the next program, Educational Visit to
Islamic Art Museum, Kuala Lumpur.

The program was on last Saturday, where I became the
Program Manager replacing Iqin because she can't join us

me gave a briefing before depart

We departed from our college on 9.30 am using UIA bus

all of the participants

Madam Suzila also joined us

yeah! everyone was excited at that moment :)

We arrived on 10 am and the bus drop us in front of the
Al Hijrah TV station, opposite to the National Mosque

Finished taking pictures around the TV station, we proceed
climbing up to the museum a few hundred meters from the 
TV station. The bus don't want to send us up there so we
have to walk and climb the hill. -.- 
tiring but that's okay. An exercise for us. 


There are 12 galleries in this Islamic Art Museum that we need
to explore. Lets enjoy some of the photos of from each Gallery!

1. Architecture Gallery

In this gallery we can see models of mosques and other
architectures from around the world.

replica of Nabawi Mosque and Kaabah

Muslim first mosque, Quba Mosque

A mosque in China

Ottoman Turkey Interior Design in the Living Room

2. Quran and Manuscript Gallery

The next gallery exhibit the artifacts of Qurans and many
type of documents from all over the world from many eras.

mini qurans with many sizes and styles. 
Firdawsi Shahnama Poetry from India
Quran for royalties with gold ink from
Ottoman Turkey Empires (1858 AD)

Old khat of Quran verses on animal skin from North Africa

Sultan letters

Penbox with ink bottle attach on it
from Ottoman Turkey Empire (18th century)

Du'a Book

Kaabah Door Cover Cloth back 1960
Marriage Certificate
Waqaf document

3. India Gallery

Fly whisk (Alat melibas lalat)
from horse hair and horn for handle.
Sandal for Royals
Potrait of Indian Royalty

abang misai muka ketat pegang bunga rose.
awww~ haha
weird handle~
Arch and Arrows
Water Container for drink.
the quran ayat is made from buttons :) 

4. China Gallery

'Lesung' from China

5. Malay World Gallery

cop mohor sultan
Container shaped Durian
Old Map of South East Asia
Struck Gold (Kupang) from Kelantan.
Very small! I wonder how they kept it
Artworks from Mindanao Philipines

6. Jewellery  Gallery

Head Ornament

together with chest ornament. SO BIG!! :O
BIGGER chest ornament!
This is how they wear them
Decorative Pipe


BIG earrings

7. Arms and Armour Gallery

Tiger Gun~~

8. Coin and Seal Gallery

simple mini seal from stone

9. Metalwork Gallery


a BIG candle base

Kohl (celak) holder from metal

10. Ceramics Gallery

ceramic tiles

A very unique ceramic tiles
So beautiful right? :)

11. Living with Wood Gallery

baby rocker

Portable Cabinet

Wooden Chess

wooden fan

Wooden door

12. Textile Gallery

prince's jacket

Eh, mok cik ni comel kan? :P

That's all from the 12 galleries. There's actually a lot more
interesting item exhibited and you can go there by yourself 
and see it with your own eyes! :P

After two hours wandering in the museum, then we decided 
to go to the national mosque for lunch and Zohor prayer

Take photo before going to the mosque! CHEERS :)

The National Mosque

Lunch! :) 

The National Mosque has become one of the tourist attraction
in Kuala Lumpur. 

So any tourist that do not wear hijab
or cover their body properly still can enter the mosque
but they must wear a cloak to cover their body regardless
male or female.


Scenery around the mosque,

After performing the Zohor prayer, we went back to our
college and arrived around 2.45 pm safely.

Lots of experience I gained from visiting the museum.
Pondering the uniqueness of Islamic art. They are
so creative! without degree in art nor modern equipments,
they can produce a very fascinating artworks.
I can't disagree more. Artworks from ancient people
far more creative and beautiful than today 
computerized artwork.

Thanks for the cooperation from all my hisbah members,
participants and off course madam suzilah. I hope we would
conduct a better program in the future together :)

Thanks to Iqin too for proposing such a cool idea 
to have a visit here. We wish you are here though.

No more else. I hope you enjoy reading!


P.S : two more programs to gooooo -.-


  1. Actually that day I feel so guilty sebab tak dapat join. Rasa macam membebankan semua orang je. Sori sangat-sangat.

    1. ala jangan la rasa macam tuh. ape plak membebankan. tdela. ok je semua. semua pun hepy hari tu

  2. ndak kena mara ka mgambar2 brg d muzium???