Cerita 2 bulan lepas : Fairest Maidens' Day (14 April)

Part 3

Every year my hostel will organised a family day
that will be participated by all Zainab Jahsy people

For this year, the family day called as
The Fairest Maidens' Day
where I became the program coordinator
together with Faten Noorin.

This is one of my treasured moment!
Being a program coordinator for a grand annual
program isn't an easy task! lots of experiences
and lesson I got. Btw, Thanks to the Hostel
Representative (MRC) fellows and friends for giving me
supports and advices. :')

The Family day started early in the morning!

First program, just like many years before, we did the
grand aerobic!

then, Telematch...

Treasure Hunt!

one of their task, they have to do dikir barat ;)

and Candy Decoration Competition :D

Done all the programs in the morning! we were so exhausted!
Its time for the grand dinner! :D

the dinner officially opened by Madam Asmeza (the Principal)

The theme that night is black and pink.

Everybody wear pink!

The VIPs

from left: Mdm Shifa, Mdm Nik, Mdm Rose, Mdm Asmeza

There were best dress award that night and this sister
won the award! congrats!

and remember the Candy Decoration Competition?
These are some of the artworks. so cute :)

em.. that's me. performing two songs,
my own song and a song by Yuna, terukir di bintang.
This is a special request by Madam Asmeza. Actually
it wasn't in the tentative! this is sort of surprise performance.

Hahaha thanks for honourably inviting me to perform. :')

Guess what, we also awarded as THE BEST HISBAH in my hostel,
Mahallah Zainab Jahsy. Alhamdulillah :')

Thanks to my lines up
Thanks to Madam Suzila
Thanks to Madam Asmeza
and all friends for your supports

Without all you guys, we won't get this award :')

and... thanks to Madam Shifa for this awesome event :D
she was the advisor for this program :)

P.S : Reminiscing the Past, Embracing the moment

here is the Part 2


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