Cerita 2 bulan lepas: Kayak at Putrajaya (25 March)

Part 1

After my hisbah visited Islamic Museum on 24 March [here],
the next day we went to Putrajaya Wetland Park for kayaking activity! :)

sun just rose and we have departed to Putrajaya :)

nice view with fresh morning breeze :')

40 of us. divided into 10 groups

We were playing kind of treasure hunt arranged by the
Wetland Park Staff. All you need to do is to find minimum
40 friends to join this wet treasure hunt and pay rm35 per person.

this is my group mates :)

They will give you a canoe (for 2 person) and a kayak (for 2 person) per group since there are 4 persons per group.
Then we need to search all the clues hidden in the lake or the
mini islands there. Very enjoyable!

Game started! :D
a kayak and a canoe

Where is my pics? oh well.. i am too busy to accomplish all the tasks
in the game. haha. no time for camera :P

After we found all the clues in the lake,
we need to answer questions provided by the staffs.

The group that can collect the highest mark for the
all the questions given will become the winner.

My group finished the third place. yeah! :)

For more info about this place and activities provided

Credit to madam shifa for all the pics :)


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