Cerita 2 bulan lepas : Farewell Parties with classmate (26 April)

Part 5

During the last semester, I took Basic Theme of Quran (BTQ),
Biology, Mathematics and English. I had a different classmates for
BTQ but not for Bio, Math and English. So that I have two farewell

In the morning, I had my BTQ farewell party.
We proceed the party soon after our class ended! haha

My BTQ farewell party was just a simple breakfast party.
We got Roti Canai, Donuts, Curry Puff and tea.
But I was bloated eating them. More than enough!

This is my BTQ classmate. Group 105

that is our Ustaz Kamal Nazmi. He is a very good teacher.. Knows a lot
about islamic histories, very good in arabic, memorize the Quran and
the way he deliver his lectures won't make us sleepy though
he talk non stop in 2 hours! Big thanks to ustaz. we were so
gratitude having you as our lecturer! :)

Later on, I had my farewell dinner with my English+Biology+Math classmates :)
Well. Just a simple dinner in our class. We just 2 weeks away from final
exam that time and do not have much time to plan for a grand dinner!

our vice class representative (madihah) did her opening speech

Mansor, our class representative (blue shirt) did his speech

before we dinner, let solah first! :)

I really love this atmosphere. We did the congregational Maghrib prayer
at SMAWP building together. I can feel the ukhuwah (friendship) between
all of us. :')

It wasn't only our class had the farewell party that night, unexpected,
I think more than 8 classes share the same building with us that night!

All the classes unite to perform maghrib prayer :)

Though it just a simple dinner, it was a very unique one and rarely found in other college but ours. We share and ate together in a big round tray :)

This is a sunnah (practice) from Prophet Muhammad pbuh to share and eat
together in the same tray. We won't feel insufficient when eat together though
it seems like the food aren't enough. Plus, I feel very full when eat in
the same tray. That is the miracle of Prophet Muhammad's practices :)

Seems not enough? ni BANYAK LA IZA -.-"

Besides this practice can strengthen the bond
between us, it also can train us to be humble and generous!

the brothers...

the sisters.. ramai kan! :P

its time for dessert!

my lovely classmates! group 104

I also made a simple thank you card to my best biology teacher ever,
Madam Zahala Ghazali. All my classmates put signature on it
and we gave it to her :)

My biology clsssmate and Madam Zahala (light blue scarf)

Sweet of her, my madam also gave us chocolates as a farewell gifts. 
3 packets of small chocolates for each of us,
she said, "That implies I - Love - You" awww :')

Thanks to all my classmates for your advice
and guide in the subjects whenever I don't understand them.

Thanks to
Ustaz Kamal Nazmi (BTQ),
Madam Suhaila Mohammad (English), 
Madam Saayah Abdullah (Math)
and Madam Zahala Ghazali (Biology)
for being the best teacher!

Thanks to Allah for giving me the best classmates and teachers
during my last semester in CFS IIUM :')

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