Cerita 2 bulan lepas : Hisbah Sumayyah Grand Dinner (16 April)

Part 4

Oh i feel so bad for abandoning this blog again.
last update was 28 may and it's 10 june today v_v

I feel even worse,
Cerita dua bulan lepas pun tak habis lagi!
sedangkan banyak lagi cerita terkini aku
nak cerita! Tapi aku tak mau skip! kena
habiskan jugak.

this blog is sort of a journal to me.
and every single thing happened,
i want to put everything here!

Let's continue to the fourth part
of 'cerita 2 bulan lepas'.

Done with the Mahallah Annual Dinner [here]
here we go, our grand hisbah dinner! The last
program of our hisbah.

guess what? We catered steamboat for our dinner!
this is an insane idea ever done. why? because,
It is very rare to see a steamboat catering. We were also
the first society in CFS IIUM did a steamboat dinner!

designing the hall :)

To succeed this dinner, Ya Allah. Only Allah know how
we all tried our best to the limit, to catered a very expensive
steamboat we need to find enough funds. The exact value for all budget?
let only our members know. but lemme tell ya, its 4 digits. +_+
A small society like us, only 13 members of lines up, that was a very big
budget. But that's okay. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED :P

In front of the AMF hall. Members of Hisbah registered

We did the entrepreneurship day [here] , find sponsorship, did
business to raise fund..
and  Alhamdulillah! we succeeded in collecting enough
budget for the dinner! Pheww.

The venue of the dinner was in our college hall.
It is the biggest venue in my college, the AMF Hall.
To get this venue isn't an easy task. There are numbers
of societies in our college want to make their annual dinner too,
and want the hall. We worked for weeks to get the venue!

The steamboat catering? oh it takes 3 months
for me to find the caterer, to contact,
to negotiate the price and whatsoever...

So, these are some of the photos during the dinner.
Enjoy :)

Just a simple design

me talking craps

madam suzila. a very inspiring advisor :)

these are my room mates. on the right, our hostel president (nina)

first show, simple sketch for opening

also got mi goreng maaa

This is how they pack all the fresh foods to our college.
The caterer put them all to hundreds of stick for easy distribution.
So each of our members can easily take one pack. There were
fish balls, hot dogs, and many other unidentified type of balls,
together with cuttlefish, beef, chicken meat, there also 
salad, noodles etc.


cabutan bertuah!

me singing crap

The Lines Up Of Hisbah Sumayyah!

I know, there were flaws everywhere during our dinner,
especially in technical error. Catered a steamboat, it needs
many plugs and wiring. We cannot avoid the unexpected
errors occurred like the burnt extensions of plugs, sudden blackout
and all. But we still thankful to Allah cause no bad thing or accident
happened along the dinner.

Thanks to ALLAH!
Thanks to the steamboat caterer, Malaya Steamboat Buffet
thanks to the members of hisbah sumayyah
and thanks again and again and again to
all my hard working lines-up for the endless supports and
helps you guys gave. Only Allah could pay those.
Especially madam Suzila, our advisor, I learnt a lots of
experiences and received tonnes of advices from her. Thank you
for your guidance. Without you, we wouldn't be the best hisbah
this year :')

Being the president for a semester in this society,
really gave me uncountable lessons. Though hisbah
is not a big society, but the ukhuwah (friendship) that
we treasured is hard to find.

Uhibbukum fillah :)


Here is the Third Part [here]

P.S : emo pulakk. haha.
ohya, This is the caterer's FB. chekedaout [HERE]
believe it or not. I found em while google-ing


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