15 applications from Android Market that I won't Uninstall

Currently i'm using HTC Wildfire A3333.
yeah. Ironically on what i said on my last post
about gadget [here].

Fyi, it is the most viewed post in my blog.
Almost 3000 page views! I'm telling people 
that Samsung Galaxy Y is the best smartphone 
under RM500 but i don't buy them. -.-"

Why? I'll tell you on the other post later.

Android Market is a great bonus that
android users have. With a vast numbers of
free apps, you can install them unlimited until
your memory full.

Thousands of apps uploaded
everyday, people are always updating
their smartphone with latest apps and delete
old boring apps. 

Same goes to me. I love to install, and delete 
apps especially on games. But there're 
15 free apps that i will never delete
since i don't find any better apps than them.

Well, I tend to install apps that have a small
size because it won't lag much and save your
memory. For cheap smartphone like mine,
I only install apps which is less than 13 MB.

So here we go the list!

14. Action Potato (397 kB) [here]

This is a very simple game but enjoyable and addictive! 
With the funky sound it has, it really can make you 
smile or even laugh!

you just need to tap the cans to collect fresh yellow 
potato. Score will be collected and it has no level.
Just a simple game to release your tension :)

13. Frozen Bubble (497 kB) [here]

An easy game too. You knock the the bubbles
down by forming three or more bubbles of the same 
color till all the bubbles fall down. 

Simple right? but as you up to a higher level,
its become harder than you thought! I don't 
know how many levels exactly it has but I 
only up to level 70 and still can't beat
the level until now :(

12. Snake 2k (2.3 MB) [here]

Still remember this addictive game when you're
just a kid? you borrowed your dad phone and play this
non stop just to beat your old high score.

This game run exactly the same like the old
Snake 2 from Nokia 3315. With it's original
sound and exact keypad to control the snake,
it really bring back your memory!

11. Bistro Cook (3.0 MB) [here]

I love this game because the graphic is cool though the
size don't eat much of your phone memory. With the 
veges, meat etc that look like a real food, and the sounds of 
cooking will make you feel like really cooking on the stove!

All you need to do just tap the raw food on the cabinet
and tap the pan to cook it according to the order you get.
But don't take too much time to choose the food, lots of
orders are waiting behind and if you can't handle them,
your game is over. 

10. Guitar : Solo Lite (6.6 MB) [here]

Well, as you see there, it's only the lite version
with limited features but that's okay. As
long as it free :)

The sound are like a real wood guitar,
so you can listen the exact sound of
various chords with its location too.

I make this apps just like a 'Chords Library' for me
as a reference when i play my real guitar. The lite
version can't support multi-touch hence it is the biggest
drawback so far. But you still can buy the full
version to overcome it.

9. Paper Toss (1.65 MB) [here]

Are you boring in the office?
Its time to toss your 
crumpled paper in the bin!

ignore the ninJump ad

This is a very addictive game too. Toss you paper in 
the bin and beat your old high score or share with friends!
You can choose the level of difficulties according to
the distance between you and the bin or you can choose
different places too. Very fun game!

8. Pixlr-o-matic (6.6 MB) [here]

This is a simple but amazing photo editor!
You can edit the color of your photos, add
frames and effect just in a few second
before you post on the FB, twitter or instagram!

They got a lots of cool effects than can turn
your dull photos to a beautiful one!
Just like instagram does or maybe even 
better! Try it yourself! :)

7. 40 Hadiths (An-Nawawi) - 10 MB [here]

40 hadith arranged by Imam Nawawi is one of the famous
hadith book that collected 42 crucial hadiths that every Muslim
should read, understand and practice.

WithEnglish and Indonesia translation, you can understand 
the direct translation of the hadiths. Unfortunately, it does 
not equip with further explanation. It also got the arabic
version together with the audio.

Every muslim must always revise the hadiths and inshallah
memorize them hence this apps is quiet necessary for us
to install it.

6. Qibla Compass (184 kB) [here]

This apps is very useful for every muslim whenever
they go out travelling. Especially when the place you want 
to perform solah do not show the direction of Qibla.

It also shows the time of solahof the place you last
time connected to the internet. Simple and small in size
but a very useful apps :)

5. Whatsapp Messenger (4.9 MB) - [here]

This is a free messenger, photos and video sharing
with people from your contacts that have the 
Whatsapp too.

Obviously can save your credits to contact your friends
or share anything. The drawback is, u need to have
an internet connection. 

No need to add your friends manually because
it will added to your whatsapps contact right away
according to the contacts in your phone. Cool right? :)

4. Al-Quran Indonesian Demo Version (3.6 MB) 

Actually, there're lots of Quran apps in the android
market but I simply choose this one because the size
is small, equipped with Indonesian translation or you
can download Malay language and the UI is simple but

Since this is just the Demo version, you can download
the audio of surah Al-Fatihah and Al-Baqarah only if i'm 
not wrong.

you can also put bookmarks on your reading
or any important verse you want to study.
Inshallah with this mini Quran with you, 
you can read the quran anytime and anywhere :)

3. TweetCaster for Android (3.3 MB) [here]

This is my favorite Twitter apps ever! I'd installed 
Official Twitter for Android apps before but it always
freezes! end up uninstalling them. So sad. 

This apps is not bad. It has many features too.

You can follow the trending, view account
of people nearby you (that's cool! even the twitter
don't have this features) and you can also add 
more than one account in the apps so you can 
switch between them when you want to tweet something
without the need to log out your current account

The best feature i love the most?
You can view the complete thread of 
conversation with your friend which the
twitter web can't do. 

2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary (20 MB) [here]

I said that I won't install any apps more than 15MB right?
but this one is an exception. The largest size of apps
I've installed in my HTC. Well, as a student, we need
dictionary for study and this is the best dictionary ever.

Worth of it big size, it contain millions of vocabularies
from all fields like science, laws, old English phrases
together with the definition, examples of sentences, 
origin of the word, when it was first use together 
with it synonym and antonym

The most fun part, you can have all the features
for free and without internet connection!
With internet, you can listen how it pronounce and
look up the 'Word of The Day' in your dictionary
to improve your vocabs! great apps right.

You should have this one.

then let's go to the NUMBER ONE apps that i would
never uninstall in my HTC Wildfire!

1. GO Launcher (6.8 MB) [here]

The motto really does what it said.
"Extreme Makeover to Your Phone"

The default theme

They are totally right! you can apply any of 
the thousands themes in the market using GO Launcher!
You can add your home screen up to NINE screens!

can add up to nine home screens!

You can install GO Locker to customize
your phone locker to your interest. 
You can also go to GO Store to get
lots of widgets for your home screen.

Lots of widgets from GO Store

Another cool apps from 'GO' is the GO SMS
it can customize your phone messenger theme
not only just that. It can do lot of thing like 
schedule SMS, lock your message with password,
filter message so you can put in in other 
folder, Screen shot your conversation and more!
here for more [link]

Cheap phone like mine will look awesome
with this GO apps things.
Greatest apps ever!

Currently I'm using Jelly Bean Android 4.2 
Theme, Jelly Bean locker using GO Locker, 
Iphone Theme for GO SMS. My phone look 
even cooler than before! 

Jelly Bean GO Locker theme

Thus, these are my most favorite apps in my 
cheap HTC Wildfire android 2.2 froyo phone.

Eh. why i said 15 apps whereas I only list out 14?
well, the GO SMS is actually different apps that share 
the same rank with GO Launcher! Go try them nooow!

Well. There are few cool apps out there that I really
really really want to install like Ninja Fruit and
Instagram. Unfortunately, they are not compatible 
with my phone!! SO SAD T___T

Finally! I have finished listing, ranking and commenting
a few apps I've installed. Yeah. this took half of my day 
to finish! I hope you guys can try out some of them

What about you? What is your favorite apps?
Any suggestion for me? :)

P.S : I dislike talking tom and angry bird game. kthanksbye.


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