20 August>2 Syawal : Raya with Besties! :)

Assalamualaikum :)
Unforgettable moment! This is my very first time
celebrating Eid Fitri with my besties at Lahad Datu
after almost 10 years we've been together! :)

My family and I went to Hastanti's house
to celebrate raya and Ann Nur also came :)
Sadly, Faiez can't join us because he was in Tawau
that time.

kesian bibik penat melayan endless coming guests

We ate mee soup ayammm yang sedap! Thanks aunty!
Special dessert; Sweet pink jelly sprinkled with colorful chocolate rice,
moist chocolate cake.... oh yeah. DELICIOUS!

By the way, 20 August is also Ann Nur's Birthday
so Hastanti baked her the moist cake :)

suaaaap kek!

Happy birthday Ann Nur. WE LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH :')
jiwang berabis :P

Sempat lagi main-main polaroid camera Stanti. HAHA
me holding a photo. waiting for the color appear

yeay! the color appeared! xD *jakun*

Done eating and chatting for hours, then we took
photos like forever! these are some of them.

ann nur and my mom. PINK!

Soon after that, unexpectedly, Khirtini, my ex-classmate back form 5
invited us to her small reunion among school mates
at Secret Recipe. We straight headed there and
meet each other. Thanks Khir for your treat! :)

Orang setakat minum-minum ja sambil bercerita.
kami pegi order cake, fries, ice blended drinks~
lepas tu Khir mau belanja and she urge to pay it.
MALU NYAA -.- kami la yang paling banyak order.

I'm so bless and thankful to Allah cause give us
the chance to meet up again after 6 months I don't
meet them. Alhamdulillah :')

back to Sandakan. Already dusk

We went back to Sandakan on the same day.
Fuh! very tiring but I was so enjoyed and grateful!
Love you guys! :D

next day on 3rd Syawal? continue with my normal
routine. WORK -.-

4 days later, which is today (24 August), Ann Nur
went back to KL for her new semester in the university.
Glad, I work at the airport, I had the chance to
send her at the airport with her family :)
Study well ann nur. Insya-Allah we will meet
again at KL next time.

at the souvenir shop where i work at

Sempat lagi belikan jam for her birthday.
Jam made in china ja punnn haha. asalkan ada.
duit tara manyak maaaa

Ann Nur and her nephew, haziq
Hahaha. again and again, i love you guys! 

P.S: lepas tuh ann nur satu flight dengan Shaheizy Sam!! OMG +_+


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