I miss you both! :'(

Assalamualaikum and Ramadhan Kareem!

This is just a random post on Wednesday.

hello world!

le me actually no really like baby.
i don't hate em but i just don't like to act like
"awwwww cute nya bucuk3 ulalala"
talking craps and doing weird faces like they really understand u

ugh -.-"

"What are you trying to say anyway?"

especially lil new born baby. I got no feeling on them since
they less response and just stare at u like
"this dumb people doing ugly faces, get off from my sight -.-"

get offfff!

But it's different when it comes to lil baby Luqman.
The first day he born, I was very touched, happy
and I act like

"awww luqmaaaaan... alolololo" kisses him, doing weird faces
and talking craps to him.

just finish breast feed, i'm sleepy already!

I never feel like to do that with other baby but him.
I felt a sense of belonging on Luqman.
I love him so much just like my own kid :')

I'm handsome right? ;)

Maybe this is what it feels when you have
your very first nephew from your own sister.
Much love to him, i look and re-look the same
pics of him in my phone over and over again before
i sleep. re-watch videos of him for countless time.

no more word i can say but

i miss you too aunty iza :(

Next story, about lil safiyya :)
non-related family but I love her so much
just like my own family! :D

Like i said before, i don't really like to
spend time with kids, play around aimlessly
with them. ala. wasting time macam tuh..

seldom! i dont even recall when is my last time
doing that -.-

Safiyya konon2 la kol aunty wish bday

but when i got to know safiyya, I don't
know why but, I love to play around with
her! I waste almost 2 hours doing nothing
but just hanging out with safiyya and her mom
everytime they sleep overnight in my college for

Regardless of having 8 am class or quizzes on
the next morning. hahaha.

I don't know why but whenever I spend some time 
with them i feel like i'm spending my time with my
family :')

safiyya with her mom time kayaking [here]

yala. orang jauh merantau belajar. tipu la tak rindu family.
Second family here? Safiyya and madam are one of them.

Thanks cause want to spend sometime with me. :')

well actually i already know safiyya since she was in her
mom tummy. her mom, madam Shifa is my fellow
at my hostel. But I just get close with madam and
lil safiyya only on my final semester in the college.
Safiyya already 12 months that time.

When I became a president last semester, I always spend
sometime in my mahallah office at my hostel busy-ing
myself with hisbah activities. Since that, I became closer
to all staffs there including madam shifa and safiyya :)

watching sesame street

only Allah know how i miss playing around with her. :(
Watch her watching sesame street in a her serious face,
Chat with her by talking in her own language,
ask her to ebbaaaaak (kisses on cheek) on me
everytime we meet up or want to say goodbye,
yes. its ebbaaak because she literally pronounce
the 'ebbbak' with that 'sabdu ba' when she kiss
someone together with her liur. HAHAHA.
anddd i miss to run around the fellow room chasing her.
Jalan terkedek-kedek pastu jatuh, menangis -.-"

amik gmbr kjp sblm smbg lari2 dlm felo rum

Yah. I still remember when she still struggling to
walk on two feet. Hold her around the fellow room
excitingly till she can walk herself.
Now I can't wait to see her talking :')

Till today, it's almost 3 months I don't meet safiyya.
If i'm not mistake she already 1 year and 6 month today.
am i right?

I hope we can meet up as soon as possible
before you forget my face . har har.
yalah. if i meet safiyya just after another few
months later, I bet she wouldn't
recognize me anymore :(
lol. jk. :P

that's okay. wtv happen,
Auntie Iza's pray will always with you.
May Allah blossom your day with smiles and
laughters, may you grow up with uncountable
loves from people around you, become a solehah
in future Insya-Allah.... :)

I miss both of them so much now :'(
Luqman, and

P.S : thanks to Kak Tasha and Madam Shifa for
their photos :)


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