July-Aug: My Current Jobs :)

Assalamualaikum. It's been a while I don't
update anything about myself. What's happening?
Now I'm still on a very looooong holiday
since last May.

Lots of thing happening like
traveled around Sabah with Anith [here],
Luqman born, our first nephew! [here]
and off course, I'm working as a part-timer

What are my jobs?
the 'are' and letter 's' on the word 'job'
indicates that I am working two job now!
Cool right! hahaha.

If last holiday I worked as a Pizza Hut server [here]
Now I'm working as a part time tutor at Bandar Indah Sandakan
and a sales girl at a souvenir shop in Sandakan Airport

everyday view of Sandakan Airport

Look tiring..
But actually I only teach on Sunday 3 hours.
and work 8 hours from Monday to Friday at the
Souvenir shop except for Wednesday,
I get a day off.

this is where i'm working. Contact the number if u want to be a tutor! :P

It's a new experience for me to teach kids.
Ranging from standard 1 to 6. I teach
Bahasa Melayu UPSR and Science

some of my standard 1 and 2 students :)

Whoah. BM? Its been two years
I do not write formally in BM! all the penanda
wacana things, the peribahasa already forgotten.
Need to catch up everything back!
Alhamdulillah everything are just fine.
It just UPSR. Not SPM. I'll dead if I teach
BM SPM. The only power word I remember
is only 'Dewasa kini' . =__="

Price Attack. That's the shop :)

Work as a sales girl? Nah not that salesgirl
whom chase over you and force you to buy
this and that product... this one, you just sit and
relax in the air-conditioned shop waiting for customer,
and assist them if they need any help. A very relax job ever.

360 degree away from my last job at pizza
hut. So relax till i can sleep snoring. hehe.
I learn how to handle cash machine, how
to calculate stocks etc. Not that hard and tiring.

Both of this job really suit with this Fasting month.
At least I'm not very tired. :)

only 3 of us. My colleagues.

Why am I doing two jobs? Well at first I want to
become a tutor. But since I am a part timer
the tuition centre only give me class on weekend!
That mean I only earn few bucks in a week! -.-

That's why I decided to find another job
and I found one at the airport. Only 15 minute
by foot from my house :)

my everyday walkway 

I love both my jobs but I can't wait to continue
my study this September!! WHOAAAAH!

P.S: me want to collect money for pocket money
during study. baik kan? ehe. :P


  1. pergh, betul2 saving akak kita ni. bagus2. kalau plan kita kena tunda masa cuti sem yang kedua, still valid lagi tak plan tu? takut tak sempat mengumpul je cuti mid sem yang first tu. :(

  2. alahh bila2 pun bole. yang penting kita sama2 cuti la :D sampai lepas grad pun bolehh. tapi jgn la lambat sgt. nanti aku dah kawen susa. HAHA