29 Sept: Hurray 2012

Alhamdulillah still given a chance to breath and live harmony in Islam :')
It's been a long time i don't update anything happen around me.
I am almost a month already here in IIUM Kuantan.
New classmate, room mates, lecturers, environment really
make me feel very bless with every ni'mah Allah gives.

On 29 Sept, today, My Kuliyyah (faculty) Allied Health Science
held a grand family day to all six departments which are
Dietetics, Radiography, Audiology, Physiotherapy, Biomedical,
and Optometry. 1000++ all of us gathered in the Sport Complex
to celebrate our annual activity. I was very enjoy! Congrats
to all my seniors that had been worked so hard for this activity!

Our Family Day called as HURRAY or
Heals Ukhwah and Recreational Day.
HEALS is the acronym for our kuliyyah
which is stand for Allied HEALth Sciences.

In very early in the morning, my room mate and I
already leave the room, waiting for bus to
the Sport Complex which is about 5 km
I guess.

with my lovely room mates

All of us were divided into 8 contingents based on birds name such as Falcon, Phoenix, Peacock, Parrot, Pigeon, Owl, Flamingo,
and Horn bill. My contingents? BLUE FOR PEACOCK!! :D

The event started with grand aerobic followed by lots of
fun games! I participated in spiderweb game and treasure map


In the spiderweb game, we have to close our eyes with a cloth
and walk in a web rope with the instruction from our friend without
stepping on the rope. nahhh i failed to cross it :(


Next game, treasure map, six of us in the game, each have to
memorize a large map placed on the center of the field
in 10 second and run to our group to draw it back in 2 minutes.

Next person do the same, have to run to the map and memorize the
map before going back to the group to complete the map
till the sixth person. The most detail map will become the winner.
and we got the highest score! :D

treasure map

There are many other games like explorace, human sodoku,
trouble walking, modelling 400m race etc. This modelling game is
the most interesting and unique I guess.

trouble walking

Basically its like baton race. The difference is, instead of passing a
baton, the participant have to wear a cloth, run, and pass the cloth
to next person to be worn. But the next person not just wear the
cloth he get but he have to wear new other item at his station.
The last person is the toughest one! He have to wear all the items
passed to him from the previous stations! They wore sarong, collared shirt,
apron and umbrella! SO FUNNAYY!

modelling 400m race

score board

The game started on 8 am and ended on 2 pm
Alhamdulillah, Peacock Contingent get the third place!

le me with artis

third place! :)

P.S: Selamat hari jadi to my lil bro, Hafizul


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