31 Aug: Safely Arrived at KL

Long time I do not update anything!
Lots of stories I want to share!
Let's go! one by one :)

Last Friday I safely arrived at KL
before going to Pahang to register
at the university.

the wing of international aircraft is bend upward

This was my first time flew on an international
aircraft! awesome. they got interactive TV
and USB plug. Unfortunately the audio is
not available on domestic flight. So, there's no point.
I can't listen to music, radio or watching movie or TV :(
so i just charge my phone using the plug.

one more, the MAS macam miskin suda woo..
kalau dulu makan dalam paper box, [link]
now we only eat on a plastic tray that was actually
penutup bekas -__-"

no more Ferrero Rocher but KitKat.
no more raisin cake and guava juice. T_T

Soon after I landed around 2 pm, put bag at kak Ita's home,
I went to meet Syara!! HOOREY! Alhamdulillah
ukhwah between us still close and we meet at least
once every 6 months especially when we're having our
break semester. Since 2010 after PLKN, this is our 5th
outing! :D

I felt lazy to make few transits between
train or buses so I prefer on LRT only.
Hence, I chose to meet at KLCC
From LRT Kelana Jaya, I want to
go to KLCC, need to transit at Masjid Jamek
first! and here we go! Picnic at the park in front
of the KLCC!

Jamak prayer at Asy-Syakirin Mosque, KLCC

Wandering in KLCC, and we went back home 
on 7.30 pm! Nice outing with you Syara.
Thanks for treating me :')
Hope we will meet again soon!

on the next 3 days I just stayed at home packing endlessly
before going to Pahang on Monday! 
wait for the next post! :D 

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  1. Amazing, i love how you add every detail about everything, can't wait to see more of these posts^^