4-6 Sept: IIUM Kuantan Campus (Taaruf Week)

Part 1

Alhamdulillahirrabil alamin.
Gratitude I bid to Allah because giving me
the chance to continue my study at
International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
at Kuantan Pahang. or famously known as UIA Kuantan.

Harian Metro Paper

How time flew so fast. It feel like yesterday I done
my Taaruf Week at Foundation last 2 years. [link]
Now I have become one of the member of
IIUM Kuantan :')
Masha Allah!

Taaruf comes from the word knowing each other
and it basically mean as Orientation Week for
new students.

My University was located faaaaar away from
my last college, CFS during Foundation.
It's at Kuantan Pahang, 2 to 3 hours from KL.

you know its taaruf week when you have to listen to the
endless briefings about the university -.-
oh well. i successfully went through it in 3 days.
Yeah. just three days. ALHAMDULILLAH.


insya-Allah :)

though its only 3 days, but it was very packed!
5 am woke up in the morning to go to the mosque,
and you only reach your hostel and off to bed on
1 am! T____T so tiring.

The buildings here is far apart each other!
le me already tanned -.-

They use this sticker system for attendance.
every activity we attend, they will give a sticker at the end
of the activity and we must stick it on the attendance sheet before
submitting it at the end of the day. If they caught
your attendance is no where, you must
attend the Taaruf Week again next semester!

we also got free bag, batik cloth and a sport t-shirt! :)

with room mates wearing batik cloth

free bag!

free tshirt!

Not to forget, free food too! Alhamdulillah!

Why Taaruf Week is very important to be attended?
Apparently people would hate orientation week
because of the damn packed and tiring schedule...

But here in IIUM, we have a very remarkable
and important ceremony that every IIUM student
have to attend. Besides of knowing
and learning the IIUM song, [link]
we must do our oath.

This is kinda like Perjanjian Pelajar, where
we have to promise in the name of Allah,
we will obey all the university rules,
never leave our responsibilities as a muslim,
pray 5 times daily prayer, never do ma'siat (bad activity)
and many other promises in the position like doing ikrar [link]
in a very formal ceremony in front of the Rector of IIUM
and Deans from all Kulliyat (courses)

As the 'ritual' ended, we have officially become the student
of IIUM and will obey all the oath throughout the years of our study.

Insya-Allah I will.

will be continue :) [Part 2]


  1. Again, a detailed description, very helpful fior those who are about to come, thank you so much sister^^

  2. Assalam..cannot wait to be in kuantan..2014..wait for me!

  3. adik first year ek kat cfs? will wait for u :)