IIUM Kuantan Campus (Around the Campus)

Part 2
Part 1 [here]

Assalamualaikum. Let's taaruf with the Masjid! :)
IIUM Masjid is a new landmark of IIUM Kuantan
that officially launched by the Sultan Pahang on
the last 3 May 2012.

Still very new! Great facilities and can fill up to
few thousands jamaah.

This astonishing Masjid designed with the IIUM theme where
IIUM logo are all over the places! These are some of the pics
and I solely own all of them.

Just in front of the Masjid, you will see some construction there.
They actually want to build a big hospital there and insya-Allah
it will start operating by 2016. It's the year that we already graduated!
Probably my first posting gonna be here :P

Jangan main main, it cost around RM412.62 million!

Construction along the road!

Besides of the hospital construction, the university
also want to build lot more buildings and more upcoming
projects since the university still have a very large undeveloped
area and some still covered with forest!

Let's move on to the next attraction in IIUM Kuantan!
A very long journey to go here by foot. Few kilometers!
and for your information, this is the furthest and so far the
last building at IIUM Kuantan! PHEWWWW we were
so tired to reach there.

Its the Sport Complex.
Mentang-mentang sport. mau nya kami berjalan
sampai lutut menggeletar.

main building

mini stadium

cooolest attraction! pool!

Insya-Allah if got extra money I want to attend swimming class.
You got no idea how expensive is the muslimah swimsuit -.-

There're many other buildings in the university,
le me malas mau amik gambar banyak-banyak -.-


to be continued :) [Last Part]


  1. woooo nice nice! how much does the muslima swimsuit cost? xD

  2. Thank you sis.. this is really helpful.. =')

  3. Its awesome and helpful. Thanks for sharing. :)
    Assalam-o-Alaikum Sis! I am from Pakistan n also want to know about the whole criteria of admission, can u please guide me? and can you please give me your id so I can easily contact you and get full information.

    1. salam. welcome. you always email me or add on facebook izaramos92@gmail.com