IIUM Kuantan Campus (My Room)

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Now I want to introduce you how the room in IIUM Kuantan look like.
Mahallah is arab word mean, hostel. Here in Kuantan, they have
Mahallah inside and outside the campus due to very few hostels built,
IIUM can't put everybody inside the campus.

my block

Currently, the university is building up more hostels.
insya-Allah there will be more hostels few years later
from now and no more outside campus. :)

Alhamdulillah, during my intake, they decided to put all the female
inside mahallah campus. and the male outside the campus.
There are two mahallat inside the campus which are Mahallah Talhah
and Mahallah Maimunah

My Mahallah is Mahallah Talhah :)
there are more buildings inside. we got
Talhah 1 to 7. Maimuna also has 7 buldings.

we got corner lot! hoorey! we have our very own veranda

The arrangement of each room may be
different from each other. But basically,
the room is divided into four partitions.
A, B, C, and D.

as we going inside the room

For our room, I got compartment A and have to share entrance
with compartment B. there are also a space at the
centre of the room. Probably as a living room.

They provide each of us a desk with rack, a bed, a chair,
a fan, a lamp, a spacious locker, and curtains for window and
for entrance to every compartment. for now I don't
set up the curtain for compartment yet.

share entrance with friends. that are my friend's slipper.

Apparently, they choose the room mates according
to our course. Like us, Allied Health Science, the room may
consist of Dietetics, Radiography, Physiotherapy, Audiology, Biomed
or Biotech students. For my room, 3 dietetics and 1 Physiotherapy.

just before sunrise 

Although I have to share the entrance with my friend,
which gonna be less privacy, view from my room is very stunning!
You can view the sun rise just from my window! :)

It also facing the hills and trees..so green and natural.
There also little streams and you can hear the soothing
sound of the stream. Feel like living
in the chalet! WHOAH . Alhamdulillah.

There also cafe nearby. not a cafe but a few cafes in a particular building.

just like food court. Variety of foods and the price is standard too.
just like the price at CFS IIUM Petaling Jaya :D
The cafe is very cool. It's a terapung cafe! hehehe

lot of cafes

cafe terapung

Many other facilities can be found in the Mahallah!
you can check it out yourself. COME VISIT ME!
*foreveralone* T__T

Okay that's all the posts about my new university! 
best kan? mai mai mai study di UIA. :D


  1. Thank you so much for introducing us to the Kuantan Campus, I was looking forward to a post like that :D I hope you have a good time in there^^.

  2. hi luna tsuki. thank you so much cause reading each of my post here in this tiny lil blog. btw, are you an IIUM student? international student at cfs pj? where are you come from ? :)

  3. hey, am a student-to be :p i'll be studying Master of nutrition sciences in semester 2 inchaa Allah, i hope i'll meet you there^^
    P.S : this is my blog : luna-desu.blogspot.com

  4. congrats. helo degree for u, finally. :) anyway, uia is so..... cantik! ^^

  5. salam sis i want to ask did we will change our room every new